Adiós Haus

Adiós Haus,
A Collaborative Mural


Hosted in Haus during their anual exhibition 

About the project

A work made live during the Anual Exposition of Haus, the message we choose was "Adiós 2015" (Bye 2015), since after this day the school end her activities until 2016, and many students go back to their countries, their houses, having to say goodbye. The flying bird represents the movement, the migration to another place, freedom to go. The project lives on the idea of mixing styles, a colaborative work, showing the essence of each artist but creating something different. In this one the artists were Me and Pio, that was in charge of the illustration and bring the idea of the bird, we though that was cool, so i came up with the letters intervention and adjustments in the composition, the execution was made together to gain time, since the work was running live in the second half of it.


Hudson Henrique a.k.a. Hudhen, a Designer and Letter Artist from Brazil, 22 years old.


Luis Felipe a.k.a. Pio, a Brazillian Artist and Designer, 26 years old.

My Role
Letters and composition arrangements

Created At

Made Year

Illustration, Lettering, Street Art